Sunday, November 20, 2016

#488 : Day Fifty Eight - Chinna Chinna Mazhai Thuligal!

Day 20 of ARR fever, this song is an absolute favorite which should have been way ahead in the list. I think I unconsciously saved the best for the last.

Starring the insanely handsome actor Arvind Swamy and pretty actress Isha Koppikar, the song is visual treat purely because of Arvind Swamy (Okay, I admit, I'm being a tad unjust here)

Sung by MG Sreekumar, this song is purely a joyful rendition which celebrates Rain. Vairamuthu's lyrics are magical as usual. It so rarely happens that a singer's voice suits the actor so perfectly that it almost seems that the actor himself is singing it. This song is one such rarity. Sreekumar's voice fits Arvind Swamy's persona so well.

There are some people who enjoy getting drenched in the rain and there are others like me who love the smell of rain but don't really like getting all wet and mucky. I belong to the latter category. Strangely, whenever I watch or listen to this song, the prospect of dancing away in the rain feels enticing.


I've never come across a live version of this song. Wonder why though.


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