Friday, November 11, 2016

#478 : Day Forty Nine - Munbe Va!

Day 11 of ARR fever, this one is on popular demand. 

Lover boy Surya, mellifluous Shreya Goshal and the genius ARR. Need one ask for more really?! Not to forget Naresh Iyer! His voice is akin to smooth chocolate melting at the first bite! Kind of like that of singer Hariharan's voice, but with that distinct husk. 

With insanely high pitching, this song is hard to replicate unless you have enough practice. 

Without much further ado, here is the song,

There is this live version I remember watching in the Asianet Channel, it's not great but it's worth a watch!


  1. It can resonate with me. In fact, there was a time I rushed to change the channel because it reminded some good times. And yes, a great song. You forgot to mention Vaali here. The man is immortal through his songs. If I had to write a post on this song, I'd go for a series of posts. Happy and sad at the same time every time I hear it. Thanks for adding it to your list. 😊

  2. Ah yes Vaali! That man is way too good! Please do write :-) Would love to read it!

  3. I did write. But then deleted it. It was one sad post. No market for sorrows.