Thursday, November 10, 2016

#477 : Day Forty Eight - Kadhale En Kadhali

Day 10 of ARR fever, this song is also a permanent fixture in my playlist. 

This song is truly out of the world. With that soulful tune and melancholic voice of the singer, this song is full of powerful of emotions. ARR has fully captalized the amazing skills of veteran Saxophone player Shri Kadri Gopalnath. Rendered by ace singer Dr.SP.Balasubramaniam, this piece is one timeless classic! 

In one part of the song - 'Urugi Urugi Azhuven', SPB almost cries without actually crying. Makes you want to weep in sorrow. 

There are few songs which impact you so much that you don't ever wish to listen to anything but the original. This is one such song! 


  1. Am gonna follow if 'munbe vaa' shows up here. Or has it already?

  2. It just did yesterday :-D On your request!

  3. Lovely. A post on fan request! I owe you one. Let me go there and read.