Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#476: Day Forty Seven - Pettai Rap!

Day 9 of the ARR mania, while the world is going bonkers over the US presidential elections and currency devaluation here at home, I'm in the mood for some peppy number

This song Pettai Rap is the big boss of all peppy numbers to me! It kind of makes you want to get into the vibrate mode and dance away.

Featuring the king of comedy, Vadivelu and the king of dance, actor/director Prabhu Deva, this song is an absolute laugh riot. It's hard not to laugh at the insanely skinny Vadivelu dancing comically in semi classical steps.

The song needless to say is the uncontested master of Indian rap! Here it is,

I'm yet to find a live version of liking. If you know of any, do share away!


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