Monday, November 7, 2016

#474 : Day Forty Five - Narumugayae!

Day 7 of ARR fever, featuring today is a Semi-Classical song. Singer Unnikrishnan seems to have finally made a debut in my list, I know I've been partial towards Hariharan. Guilty as charged, he is my favorite after all!

Iruvar - The cult movie - Period political drama featuring a lot of now super hit actors like Prakash Raj, Mohan Lal, Aishwarya, Revathi, Nasser and Tabu. The soundtrack was also a super hit for the variety that A R Rahman managed to bring in. This song, sung by P.Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jayshree is classical number with some old style music infused. The interlude at 3.34 Min of the video is simply mind blowing and has been smartly used to aid that vignette style of filming. Unnikrishnan's singing is truly disturbing is a good way. Bombay Jayshree's voice is unique, she has that natural husk which ends up oozing emotions. Exquisite lyrics in unadulterated Tamil combined with such a tune, this song is a mix of one explosive combination.The visuals are also artistically done with a mix of color and vignette skipping between two timelines. Sadly, I couldn't find the full video of this song.

There a couple of live versions of this song but there is sample from Airtel Super Singer competition where a contestant sings this song and Unnikrishnan, the original singer corrects it bit by bit and later explains how this song was recorded. Skip to about 12 minutes where he explains it all in detail.



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