Friday, November 4, 2016

#472 : Day Forty Three - Pudhu Vellai Mazhai! Yeh Haseen Vadhiyaan!

Day four into the ARR Fever and this song is an absolute favorite. In fact, I had a real tough time deciding if this song should go at number 2 spot instead of Roja Jaaneman, ultimately that song won for it's melancholic expression.

Shot in at Kashmir amidst the pristine stone, starring the overly handsome Arvind swamy and Madhoo, this song is every teenager's fantasy in way. I vividly remember the first time I consciously heard this song. It induced in me emotions I didn't know existed at all. It scared me to experience love and such passion through a song. I avoided listening to this song for a long time. Then as time passed, I actually wanted to listen to it. Such is the power of a passionate song.

The Tamil version of the song is sung by Unni Menon and Sujata, while the Hindi version is rendered by Dr.S.P.Balasubramaniam and K.S.Chitra. The male voice of Tamil version and the Female voice of Hindi version would have been a better combo though. For a Tamilian who knows Hindi well enough to write, read and talk fluently, the Hindi version seems a bit too fast and abrupt. The translation is at fault may be? Neverthless, this song is every lover's dream. The feeling of being in love is beautiful, especially the phase where one falls in love is even more beautiful. This song aptly describes that phase.

Here is the song,


*drools at Arvind Swamy*

*wipes off the drool from keyboard and starts typing away furiously*

There is a live version which isn't great but is worth listening for Singer Hariharan's voice. He is just class apart when it comes to live concerts and improvisations. So here is that video,



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