Sunday, October 30, 2016

#465 : Day Thirty Eight -Quote of the Day

Yet another attempt to finish the short story I started with little success. I wanted to complete it and post it today. Words failed to flow. Restlessness set in. That feeling of helplessness and pure irritation drove me mad. Reading random things on the internet always helped me apart from listening to music. That's when I stumbled upon this quote. I'm not there yet. I don't if I will ever, but that doesn't mean I cannot get there. While there were few nice people who are near strangers who helped me out and motivated me last time around I wrote about my block, there were others who celebrated it. What was so shocking is that they are supposedly my well wishers. They call themselves that yet, they love to see me stumble, discouraging me with a pessimistic thought that I really cannot write with that commitment. I have a crazy schedule, yet I make it a point to write. It's the thirty eight day since I started writing one post per day. I've not stopped, I may have stumbled, but I'm closer to the goal than I was yesterday. Take that! Live with it!