Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#461 : Day Thirty Four - The perception of beauty

"Oh come on! Look at her hair, I'm mean how can she really live with it? It's so curly. She hasn't even styled it properly!" said a young lady pointing to me. If you've been suggested that you spends thousands to straighten your hair and polish your face, read on.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder truly. While some people call me beautiful there are the others who take to criticizing me harshly for my curly-frizzy hair and no-so-smooth face. Of course, I'm not alone. In fact, there was this picture of a woman of African origin doing rounds as to how dark she is. She was labelled the darkest person alive on earth. It fails to occur to me as to what purpose can such harsh criticism and scrutiny serve. Does appearance matter?

Yes, it does. A healthy appearance does matter. However, the definition of being healthy varies on a case to case basis. Enough as be said and little has been done about those pointless fairness cream ads. One can't possibly rip of their skin and replace with a ligher colored skin to satiate the wagging tongues of mentally unstable humans can they?  That debate is way older than I am and is worth refraining from.To me, any person criticizing about outward appearance in terms of skin color and 'fashion; is mentally unstable. What matters truly is well-being. Applying makeup is your choice, commenting on others for not following suit isn't!

Obviously, beauty is of two types - Internal and external. One cannot exist without the other. No matter how much amount of make up is used, you can't really camouflage the state of well being or internal beauty.

Using makeup is a personal choice, but staying fit and feeling beautiful is a mandate to lead a healthy life.

As a continuation of yesterday's post, sharing my personal routine to having a healthy appearance.

Basics - It's wise to maintain impeccable person hygiene. Wash your garments and  cut your nails. It's fashionable to flaunt your bear claw nails, but ensure it's clean.

Facial care - What you eat plays a major role in how you look. Some people are blessed with high metabolism while there are some of us who aren't so lucky. Gorging on oily foods and junk items would simply result in your face and hair loosing at it's sheen. Fruits, raw vegetables, nuts and water works wonder to your skin.

If your face is oily enough to start a refinery, you my friend, need to take extra care as you are prone to developing acne. Unfortunately, I'm blessed with oily skin and thus acne and breakouts aren't alien to me. To tackle that problem by it's horns, I formulated a routine and it's helped.

Ensure to keep your skin clean and chemical free as much as possible. Washing your skin with lukewarm water twice a day helps. Use a Turkish towel to pat dry and do not rub in. Finger nails aren't your best friend if you suffer from acne. Investing in a good oil control soap, preferably organic will help. The best option however is to use the good old gram flour. Miracles won't happen over night, but after a period of time you will feel the difference!

Aloe Vera, the highly marketed plant actually does work wonder. Investing in a tiny pot of this plant is certainly the best decision you can make. I apply the the sap of Aloe Vera for about 20 minutes daily and wash it off with lukewarm water. My skin has become smoother and all the painful heat boils and acne have shrunk off considerably. Again, Aloe Vera is comparatively faster but do not expect for a miracle.

Sandal, turmeric and rice powder paste - This paste totally works and shrunk off a painful boil over night. Ensure to use Sandal stick and organic turmeric for best results. Some people are allergic to sandal, it is advisable to do a patch test before you try it regularly.

Wash off make up properly - We love our makeup, but we fail to remove it off properly. Again, investing in a good cleansing milk or the good old gram flour is a must.

If you are always on the move, there a couple of face-scrubs and packs which really help! Stay tuned to know more about them!