Tuesday, October 25, 2016

#460 : Day Thirty Three - A Healthy Routine

A recent conversation with a friend made me realize that there are certain things I am actually doing right . I'm neither a fashonista nor fitness freak, but I ensure to stay active. This routine of mine is not a recent one, but was developed over a period of time and required internal motivation. A bout of hormonal imbalance caused by stress resulted in a lot of harmful changes. I'm sure I'm not alone in this struggle. Every woman goes through this I suppose. I simply hope to do my bit to help all the beautiful ladies who are struggling with such issues to our gender.

Time management - All of us juggle multiple roles and more often than not, we don't spend time for ourselves. Spending time in taking care of your self is the first solution to all problem. That pending presentation, the half complete spreadsheet, that bucket of unwashed clothes, the big pile of unfolded clothes, can really afford to wait for the 30 minutes you decide to spend yourself. I consciously spend about 45 minutes for myself. It's a habit hard to inculcate, but think of result, I'm sure you would be motivated.

Physical activity - The age of strenuous and back breaking household work is long gone for the urban women. Our food and our lifestyle impacts us in every possible way. Do that dance routine you've wanted to do always or play that sport you wished you did! Or if you are painfully shy to go out and work out, Yoga and aerobic exercise are the best. It's the YouTube era. Search for workout videos and do them. Or even better, there are apps to help you learn and do basic workouts to ensure you have some physical activity.If you can't really afford to do all that, mop and sweep like there is no tomorrow. Wash that big pile of clothes all by yourself without using the machine, take your dog for a walk, water plants and la, your physical activity is done.  I spend about 30 minutes working out intensely apart from helping out with household chores. Knee Push ups, Squats, Inchworms, Hip openers, Halasana, Butterfly posture, walking and jogging at times - That's my workout routine. I either hit the local park with my dad or use the Runtastic App to workout at home. My stamina and immunity levels have increased. It didn't happen overnight, but over a period of 3 months. Added bonus - I shed off a bit of flab and I'm working on shedding off the rest.

Food - Watch what you eat and how much you eat. Portion control and sticking on to a time is the key. We ladies tend to skip breakfast and that's a big no. Most of us are also very conscious about confectionery and junk food. The more you consciously abstain from indulging the more likely you are to gorge on all of it one fine day. It's okay to have that one bar of chocolate or that plate of pani puri once in a while. Inculcate the habit of munching on fruits and raw vegetables. Trust me, they are your good friend. I've noticed visible changes in my skin texture since I started including fruits in my diet. Don't cut carbs all together. If your body doesn't co-operate you might end up with side effects like hair-loss or fatigue or worse, you might put on weight. I've been down that road. The trick is to balance carbs that you don't over eat or under-eat. Green juices and soups are very effective. A lot of us have white patches in our face due to vitamin deficiency. I had that ugly patch too. I made it an habit to consume green juices including drumstick leaves and spinach juice and la, it all disappeared in two months and till date it's not returned.

Stay tuned for a series of posts on wellness and beauty! Hope to have been of some help!


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