Monday, October 24, 2016

#458 : Day Thirty Two- A letter to the chauvinist in my coffee table

Dear chauvinist,

Hello there!

I've been wanting to write this letter for a while now,hoping that you would read it eventually. You see, it's of no use telling all this just to you. There are the likes of you who also need to assimilate and understand what I'm about to elaborate.

Yet again today, just like a few hundred times before, you interrupted me and asked me to stop talking when we were all discussing about national politics.Apparently, I didn't really know what I was talking about as the topic under discussion was politics. You obviously have a problem with my gender. I suppose it's your insecurity at play. I've ranted enough about how you and the likes of you, mansplain us supposedly weaker gender every time we talk about the so called male oriented topics like technology, sports or politics.

I really don't need to prove that I'm as capable as you are in participating in such a discussion involving sports or technology or politics. However, I pity you thoroughly for being so ignorant and borderline uncouth. According to you, my gender of people are only capable of gossiping or talking about clothes, accessories and cooking. Guilty as charged! We love our gossips and clothes. Does that ever mean that we don't follow politics or sports or technology?

Before you go on to argue that I might be an exception and not all women are the same, let me give you an example. I spent a major part of my schooling in a girls' school. There were about 38 of us in our class. Hold it right there. I know for a fact that your brain is probably working overtime, conjuring up an image of stupid bunch of girls in pigtails swooning over handsome actors and dreaming about marrying one such guy. Not denying it didn't happen back then. What also happened was this - We followed cricket. We played cricket inside our class standing on benches using exam pads as bats. We engaged in debates about social issues and followed politics with almost the same interest as Bollywood. Most of us from that class are now successful Charted accountants, Engineers, Doctors, Bureaucrats and Fashion designers today. Now, consider graduate education. My class was a girl majority and I studied Instrumentation - predominantly a male oriented field of education. We organized Tech seminars and participated in a lot of technology related activities. Of course, we also indulged in a lot raging debates in various topics.

I do agree that all that time slogging inside the kitchen and the house before we rush off to work leaves us with almost no time to catch up with newspapers unlike you. That doesn't mean there aren't other ways to catch up. Technology has long ago stepped in making information way more than just accessible. We do keep track of things you know. Not to beat you at it, but to be an informed and responsible citizen.

I suppose you are still way behind your time. We have women leaders heading the country and ruling the roast at corporate yet here you are stopping one from talking because of your insecurity. Open your mind, look beyond.

It's technically not possible for any human to know every single event or information happening in this world. The same is applicable to you and me. I might not know things you do and you might not know things I do. Next time you want to make your point, put forth a logical argument backed by facts. That's how it is done. That's how I do it. When I don't have a problem when you go on and on about nuances of cooking, the so called women dominated area, I fail to understand what problem you have when I talk things with facts backing to boot.

May be your knowledge is half baked? You are your own enemy, you know?

Hoping you that you don't go on behaving like this, for who knows, you might be talking to the next head of the nation or of that of a tech company.

Yours sincerely,

Just another young woman oppressed by the likes of you!

EDIT 1 : If this write up feels like it's addressing you directly, it's on you! It's your conscience at work you know! 



  1. That guy should read this post really .. :)
    There are stereotypes, prejudiced minds and such.. Goes on and on Janani.

  2. I sincerely hope he does! I know 😔

  3. Why this Kolaveri, Janani?

  4. Ha ha not Kolaveri! Just doing my bit to "educate" people!