Sunday, October 23, 2016

#457 : Day Thirty One - The Big Cat - Photoblog

The Big Cat  at Mysuru Zoo.

The Tiger is a powerful animal which symbolizes powerful energy. It hunts efficiently to make the ultimate kill. This shot of such a powerful animal stretching out like this looks so comical that it reminds me of the scene from the Tamil Movie Winner, where actor Vadivelu would be stretched out just like this and a couple of kids on a Tri-cycle would come hit him.

On a serious note, this picture is a proof of one thing - However powerful one may be, we all have a lighter side. A side which might not dominate our prime behavior, but without that trait we  would all be zombies.

PS. Phew. 50 posts since I started this blog. Hoping to hit century. Right time to thank few people - My dad. He is my unpaid publicist. Without his and Mom's support, I wouldn't really be here writing away today. Bragadeesh Prasanna - for reading and critiquing my stories, without your feedback, I really wouldn't know certain things. Dinesh and Raja - Two gentlemen who comment and read whatever I write, very regularly. I've met them just once in person and haven't interacted much at all, yet the encouragement they give is just way too much. In fact, there were times when I felt low that people don't really read my work, these two people were unknowingly present to bolster up my spirits, so Thank you. I'd be failing in my manners if I didn't thank this person - She told me I can't possibly keep up my commitment and write daily. She made me doubt my very strength, my writing skills. Wallowing in self doubt, I almost gave up until a random dialog from a movie made me realize that I was fool to doubt myself. If you are reading this, you know who you are. Thank you. You hit my nerve, very kind of you to remember that I don't give up when challenged. Last but not the least, to all those nice people, known and unknown, whose random comments and likes motivated me bit by bit. Thank you. Hoping to hit many such milestones.


  1. Way to go .. 50 and counting !
    So someone got on your nerves and you went on to write 50 posts. Keeping up this is the part that's impressive.

    I really wish that all three of us met once in a while to discuss and catch up on progress.
    It could also be a place where you can treat us for the fab 50 :P

  2. Thank you :)

    Ha ha! Let me hit a century and I promise to treat you guys!