Saturday, October 22, 2016

#456 : Day Thirty - Humma Humma on the beach

It's a plesant evening and I'm writing from a beach side resort over Wordpress mobile. I wondered why it didn't occur to me to bring my head phones and listen to some class music. The weather and the atmosphere is so perfect for some class music by ARR.Tu Meri Dost would have been a perfect choice. 

Just then came on Humma Humma, the peppy number from famous movie Bombay blaring from the speakers, Arvind Srinivas of the Vijay TV super singer fame was performing live. 

My mood changed completely. I wanted to blast off and dance. All my woes and worries from the day evaporated. The power of music isn't it? 

The song obviously needs no introduction. ARR's voice and Nagendra Prasad's dance - the song is an absolute ruckkus! The comical part - This song has a permanent place in my Zumba routine, so I wanted to jump in and dance! 

While I enjoy the song, you can find it here - Humma Humma

Note - I have no intention of writing much today! I'm busying soaking in the atmosphere and the song while trying to write out the character sketch for my book.


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