Thursday, October 20, 2016

#451 : Day Twenty-Eight - Being Strange

A l'ouest - The name of my blog in French means a strange person. The Webster dictionary defines strange as unusual or surprising. Sadly, the modern definition of strange has morphed into something negative and un-cool.

If you aren't tuned to the latest trends of fashion, you are strange. If you don't enjoy popular movies or TV series, you are strange. In short, the society has this mindset of having to fit in a box. But what if you didn't? They either love you or hate you for being different.

More often than not, you are labeled strange if you don't stick to that definition. Is it fair? Of course not, but life has never been fair.

The above quote beautifies being strange. There is nothing beautiful about being strange. It's just an idealistic romantic notion. To be labeled strange and being ridiculed is nothing romantic. It's sickening and pessimistic. Romanticing any negative aspect of life will not solve the issue at hand. Each people have their own trait. The difference of traits is what makes us truly human. Respecting and understanding differences is the solution.

Easier said than done, but isn't it wise? I wonder!
Note - I know I promised to compete the story  I started. Unfortunately, writers block happened. So the delay. Hoping to bounce back soon! 


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