Monday, October 17, 2016

#449 : Day Twenty Five - Pothys Boutique : My shopping experience

This shop has been one of my favorites since it opened. Situated away from the insanely crowded area of Panangal park, this is one place to go for decently priced unique collection of clothes.I'm no Fashionista, but I find this place to be the perfect destination to shop for ethnic wear. Though the unique collection is projected as the USP of the store, I'd say their customer service is their USP.

It's festival season and the store was buzzing with a lot customers. The parking was full and the shop was nearly packed. Me and my sister, we were on the look out for ethnic wear. We decided to shop for Anarkali sets. A shopping assistant helped us pick dresses. The fitting was perfect as expected. We completed the purchase and had given our clothes for the sleeves to be attached. They asked to wait for an hour, so went spent a good one hour roaming about the shop and looking at all clothes.

Being a stickler for punctuality, I approached the stitching counter exactly an hour later. To my complete surprise, our clothes were ready and neatly packed. We had left the shop feeling blissful after picking out the perfect dress.

That feeling of happiness didn't last long.On reaching home, we discovered that the pant and shawl for one of the sets we purchased were missing. We mused that we would have missed it in the store. Our parents stepped in. They called up the store and the customer representative asked us to come over. We reached the store and approached the first person we could get hold of. After all, the store was quite packed and most of the customer reps were busy helping other customers. It turned out to be the purchase manager of the floor, we were last sitting - Mr.Moorthy. He patiently listened to our grievance and checked with the person who had billed us and also serviced us while picking out the clothes. They were sure that they had packed all the items and we had received it from them. He then took us to the CCTV recording area. Thanks to a phone call that my dad received while we were shopping, we were able to pinpoint the exact time during which we were present in the store. Using that time frame, the operator combed all the footage and confirmed that we had indeed received the pant and shawl and hadn't dropped anywhere. He gave his number and asked us to contact the next day so that his team could check after the shop had emptied out. He promised to find the missing items if it were present in the store.

The next day we called him and he guided us to meet one Mr.Ramesh, who as the purchase manager of the ethnic dresses floor. He once again checked with the CCTV team if they had recovered the missing pieces. Unfortunately, they weren't able to find it and we had to buy something that matched the top.

What is commendable is that -

  • It's festival season and they could have outright refused to help us, yet they did.
    The product in question is comparatively of low value yet they spent a good two hours helping us out.

  • The had that genuine drive to help us. We didn't coax them to help us out yet they did.

  • Almost all the staff we spoke with were very polite and courteous.

  • We realized that we had been possibly robbed as we used the metropolitan bus to travel back home.

Customer service IS the USP isn't it?


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