Sunday, October 16, 2016

#448 :Day Twenty Four : Carpet Weaving - Jaipur


Jaipur - The city which fascinated me for it old style architecture, pretty bangles and handloom products. I had a chance to visit the government run co-operative society which sold beautiful handwoven apparels and carpets. Given that we were touring during the onset of summer, we lost track of time due to abundant sunlight. It didn't occur to us to actually take a look at the time. We spent a about a good hour in the shop admiring extraordinary work of art.

What : The above picture is that of the traditional carpet weaving stand. The weaver sits behind and knots the strings using a needle in a patterned manner to bring a shapes and designs. There are other several such techniques being used to weave a carpet.

Why : Handloom. The very word is a fascination for some people. The beauty of a handwoven product, be it a saree or a carpet is unmatched. It is worth every penny being paid. I clicked this picture in a hurry before they confiscated my camera!


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