Saturday, October 15, 2016

#447 : Day Twenty Three - Runtastic Results App

Today, my laptop decided to sulk away and take a nap and thus I had to resort to posting from my phone! 

Using a 4.5 inch phone to blog can be a pain for some one who enjoys listening to the rattle prattle of the keyboard. That sound somehow always boosts my creativity. Yet this experience of typing out a post from a touch screen is somehow exciting but still a pain. 

Without much delay, today's topic - Runtastic Results App. My phone has become my best friend off late in motivating me and pushing me to work out. My routine normally has some kind of physical activity. I either walk or jog or dance or do yoga. 

A random article I read on Facebook took me to this app - Runtastic results. The app has two versions - the free and premium version. 

The premium version includes a diet plan with workout plan. Below is a screen shot of the same.

That's basically a complete package to loose weight. 

The free version however has limited yet comprehensive enough workout to do! 

Each of the above categories have enough workouts for basic to advanced level with video tutorials and timers or rep counts for each level. Plus before each workout there are warm up workouts to ensure you don't pull your muscle.

Verdict - it's a good app for someone who wants to stay fit and do it in the right way. The tutorial videos are good and quite elaborate. The app as such doesn't crash and has a neat interface. 

The app also shares data with Apple Health kit and Google Fit. 

Motivation has to come from within. If one can find that, then this app is pretty handy in satisfying that urge to move your lazy self! 

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