Saturday, October 1, 2016

#431 : Day Nine - Navarathri Special - Vastram

It's Navarathri again -9 days of fun and celebrating Goddess Durga. Different parts of the country celebrate this festival in different ways. In my part of the country - Tamil Nadu, we celebrate Navarathri by setting up steps and placing idols or dolls - popularly known as "Golu" and inviting ladies over. Sadly, we don't follow that custom at my home. "Golu hopping" is sure fun, but the sadness of not following this custom haunts me every single year. Thanks to aunts from maternal side and my friends, that melancholic feeling is dispelled. I get to help them set up Golu (apart from munching on delicacies they cook).

Last year however was a pleasant surprise. We decided to celebrate navathri by stitching and designing clothes or "Vastram" for idols in temples. My mother is adept with needles and clothes. While me and my sister brainstorm to come up with designs, she handles the execution majorly. We do chip in sometimes to help her stick on stones or do some embroidery. She has been steadily supplying such "designer wear vasatrams" for a year now.

A month before Navarathri is typically hectic and borderline maddening for us as we gear up to go on a stitching overdrive while simultaneously preparing for the Pooja as such at home.

The blissful feeling of decking up my favorite god is unmatched.

Signing off with some pictures.

img_20160922_210758960 Pearl Themed dress for Goddess Raja Rajeshwari. The necklace on the top was also designed and made by us.

img-20160913-wa0000 Another pearl themed design for Goddess Angaala Parameshwari - Designed and stitched by us
White Frill dress for Sarawathi Pooja last year for Goddess Raja Rajarajeshwari


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