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#407 : The Wish Rider by Barbara Casey : Review


The wish rider picks off from the previous book – The Cadence of Gypsies. The F.I.Gs are back home from their trip to Italy, where they found their teacher, Carolina’s mother. Inspired by that search one of the F.I.G, Dara, embarks on a journey to find her mother who abandoned her in a candy story. However, does she wish to be found at all?

The Cadence of Gypsies was a perfect book, however, story kind of pales out in comparison. First off, the writer spent a good number of pages summarizing that book here to give that back story. Given that I had read the books back to back, this was a bit boring for me. Undoubtedly this book can be read as a standalone. Second, the writer seemed to be in a great hurry to end of the book. The climax didn’t have that zing like the previous book. No qualms otherwise!

The cover of this book is perfect and reveals just enough about the story.
Barring the first two chapters, the plot as such was fast paced and kept the thriller lover in me engaged. Carolina’s mother, is back again into the story and does play a major role. Obviously we get to read more about the gypsy culture and that part of the story is pretty interesting. This story is obviously way darker in than the first book. In a sense, the whole paranormal feel associated with a gypsy storyline was a bit pronounced in this story when compared to the last. The characterization surprised me thoroughly. Every primary character had their outline intact from the previous book, but they were given enough depth and dimension which was missing in the last book. Especially the 3 girls – they seemed to have matured like they ideally should have in this book.

The writer is has tastefully done the emotional part of the book. Losing your family and not knowing why you have lost them is nothing short of excruciating pain. Dara’s story and her emotions were very realistic. Needless to mention, the writing, the story construction, plot structuring and the characterization was all spot on. If only the first few pages were toned down, this book might have as well been a 5 star read.

RATING:  4/5
MY SAY : Almost perfect is the apt phrase to describe this book. 

About the Book

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Thank you iRead Book tours for the review copy.

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About the Author 

Barbara Casey is a partner in Strategic Media Books, and president of the Barbara Casey Agency, representing authors throughout the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Japan. She is also a manuscript consultant and the author of numerous articles, poems, and short stories.
Her award-winning novels have received national recognition, including the Independent Publishers Book Award. Her novel, The House of Kane, was considered for a Pulitzer nomination, and The Gospel According to Prissy, also a contemporary adult novel received several awards including the prestigious IPPY Award for Best Regional Fiction. Her most recent young adult novel, The Cadence of Gypsies, received the Independent Publishers Living Now Award and was reviewed by the Smithsonian for its list of Best Books.

Ms. Casey makes her home on the top of a mountain in northwest Georgia with her husband and three dogs who adopted her: Benton, a hound-mix, Fitz, a miniature dachshund, and Gert, a Jack Russel terrier of sorts.

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