Sunday, September 11, 2016

#410 : Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit : Review

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right is the third book in the series. This story is about Gayathri, who predominantly had dark shades in the previous books. This however, brings out the humane side of her. Gayathri, our protagonist, is desperately in need of a job to escape the crutches of her overbearing parents. Nikhil, her brother, manages to get her a job at their battery manufacturing facility run by a crazy scientist, Viraj. Sparks fly but, does she gets her happy ending like Nandini and Sneha?

Having read the previous books in series, I was quite comfortable with the narration. Typical quirky and fiery dialogs, fast paced plot with twists at the right moment, the book was an enjoyable read. My qualm however would be with the language which was infused with colloquial language and a bit of Hindi to bring out that authentic feel of the setting. The plot was perfectly organized into sub-plots until one point when the story veered off track. Gayathri was heart-broken at one point, instead of moping over or elaborating about her feelings in detail, the story veered off to Nandini/Sneha’s story. This was a downer for me. Though the love story was a bit predictable, it still felt good to read as it was tastefully written. The characterization as usual was perfect with each character being properly justified with right motives. Reading about Gayathri’s other side was unsettling initially. After all she tried to wreck Aditya’s life in the last book, but then, circumstances make people what they are. The writer beautifully brought out the human side of her. The ending was hilarious and perfect. The cover is obviously eye catching and alluring. Given that the book is a part of a series, I would recommend it be read that way so as not to miss out on the intricate sub plots.

MY SAY: Light yet intense and fun read.


About the Book

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Paperback


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of TBC tours in exchange for an honest review. Thank you guys :)

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