Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#424 : Online Talk! In conversation with Author Aditti Gaur

Me : What or who inspired you to write this book?

My love for diary writings brought me to this world. I had a strange habit of writing fictional scenes in my diaries since my school days. One fine day, my husband got one of those diaries and he encouraged me to write a story. That’s how the journey of Adhira started. Now, that strange habit turned into a full-fledged story writing. 

Me: Tell us about your writing process?

I am not afraid to call myself an amateur writer. Neither I have done any writing course nor do I hold any specific literature degree. Writing comes naturally to me. I never ever dreamt of becoming an author during my schooling days, college or Job days. It just happens suddenly. So, I don’t have any method or process of writing. But, yes, if you want to ask how I start writing Adhira. Then I can tell you. I wrote the very first draft of my story in Hindi – the language I am comfortable to portray emotions in, then I translate my script into English and then the process of 1st editing by myself and 2nd editing by my editor follows. 

Me: The character is a woman - How much of her character is autobiographical?

Adhira & Aditti are totally two different people. Adhira inspire us to be like her in many ways, she is reflecting a part of everything a woman could be, if she wished to. She is young independent, successful individual who selflessly loves and cares about everyone. She is a walking inspiration which I am not. 

Me: Tell us about the choice of your title - It's obviously named after the protagonist, but why so?

This name is very close to my heart not just because it is my first protagonist’s name but I have some personal feelings attached with this name. Adhira means restless. This name justifies her character itself. Her restless life, her carefree careless attitude towards herself adds more meanings to her name. 

Me : Some one liners!

Tea or Coffee: Coffee 
If you were invisible for a day: Would love to visit as many places as I can.
Dancing or sword fighting (Given a chance to learn): Dancing
Favourite writer: Many, depending upon the genre. 

About the Book!

What will you choose between your life and death?
Who would you give preference, yourself, your family or your friends?
She achieved everything she wanted. She gave way to who wandered away from their path or had no opportunity by founding a music studio and exploring her own love for music. Her life was perfect until the day her world went upside down. She quietly surrendered to the situations and stood brave for rest of her world. Her friends also wanted her to move on. But then HE arrived. HE was her admirer and the only one, she was comfortable with. Still, she pulled her feet back when love bloomed in her life again instead of indulging into HIS life. So, what troubled her?
That was not the end of her story, but was it the beginning or she just had a pit-stop? Come let’s discover the destination of her story


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