Thursday, September 22, 2016

#418 : Love Bi the way by Bhaavna Arora : Review

Curious cover, strange title and interesting blurb – In short marketing done really well at the outset – hallmark recipe for a potential bestseller. That is exactly how I saw the book when it came up for review. My curiosity got the better out of me and I signed up. To say this book was one big surprise is one big understatement.

Rihana and Zara – our two protagonists are young women fighting their own battles and confronting their inner devils on a daily basis. While Rihana is like fire – outgoing, unfazed and charming, Zara is the quintessential ice queen who is mellow, timid yet strong in her own ways. They live under the same house named “cupid”. They search for perfect relationships with the opposite gender. However, does their search yield a proper result?

The cover, the title and the last line of the blurb was such a giveaway to potential twist. Nevertheless, even if the book was packaged in a different way, the initial characterization and the interaction between the protagonists makes the reader anticipate that twist. Or maybe the writer intended to keep it that while making the reader realize that they were perfect for each other immaterial of the gender and it was just a matter of time and realization. The writer handled the whole LGBT part of the story surprisingly well, in a sense that they didn’t seem puke-worthy or awkward like it is generally expected. However, the climax could have been handled better. As in I felt as if Zara and Rihana were still two besties who were comfortable in their own skin.

The story line, the characterization and the narration were perfect. No peeve points there at all. The narration was actually refreshing with quirky dialogs. If only the cover, the title and the blurb were crafted better, the book would have been an absolute winner.

MY SAY: Well written piece of Indian fiction.


About the Book

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Digital

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from Author Paradise in exchange for an honest review. Thanks guys!

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Dr. Bhavna Arora is a new-generation writer who is an avid learner from life. She is a young enthusiast who has two MBA degrees and a Doctorate from Pittsford University in Leadership to her credit.
A philanthropist at heart, she has been sponsoring an underprivileged boy's education. She also works closely with an institute for special children.
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