Sunday, September 18, 2016

#413 : Dangle by Sutapa Basu : Review

Dangle – An unusual name for an unusual book. Ipshita our protagonist is the quintessential gob smacking kind of woman who runs her own travel show. In spite of being successful, she has her own set of insecurities and fair share of traumas. Men are attracted to her like fireflies to light. However, any interaction with the opposite gender leaves her in turmoil. The only man in her life who doesn’t impact her that way is her childhood friend and neighbor, Aditya Rao. Marred by a teenage trauma, Ipshita struggles hard to find her identity and fall in love.

The writing was one mixed bag. It was lyrical, philosophical, intensely emotional, breezy light and dramatic – all in the right proportion. The setting of the story was sketched out perfectly. The writer described her settings – Thailand, USA & North East India vividly. That part of the story set in North East made me want to pack up and go on a vacation. The story as such was well panned out. What started as a romance ended up being a psychological fiction! The pacing was perfect with twists and turns which kept me hooked. Interestingly, the latter part of the story was eerily similar to the Tamil movie Anniyan. However, the similarity ended with just the very concept both the stories were based on. The characterization was frankly surprising. It was like savoring a cake; one has to go layer by layer. One peeve point I have is the title. I felt the writer put in great effort to justify it instead of going with the flow of the story. The cover certainly could have been better. For a story of such caliber and writing of such depth, the title and the cover pales out in comparison.

MY SAY:  Perfect read for a rainy day.


About the Book

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Digital

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from TBC book tours in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Thanks so much Shree Janani for your incisive review. I really appreciate your feedback about the title and cover. I will keep it mind.