Thursday, September 29, 2016

#429 : Day Seven : Chilika Lake

It's been a week since I started this a blog post a day for 100 days - 100 days of blogging challenge. Today, I decided to take the photography route. The above picture was shot by me using my Samsung Galaxy Grand phone. No lens can ever capture the beauty of this place - The Chilika lake. I spent 4 hours on this very boat with a rower who didn't speak a word of English or Hindi. It was fun communicating using sign language.

We spotted migratory birds and dolphins, living happily in their own environment. There was a patch of land in a part of the lake beyond where the lake mingled with the sea. The color difference was so prominent yet so beautiful. The sunset was the highlight of the trip. Life at that moment felt so peaceful without the buzzing and whirring of technology.

We drove down to Chilika lake from Bhubaneswar which took us about 3 hours. There are trains available but we choose to drive down to experience Odisha.



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