Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#427 : Day Six - Cigarette


This was a nano tale I wrote few months ago just after witnessing a boy all of 10 years  old smoke. It was during my trip back home when I saw a little boy, tousled hair wearing clothes too big for him sitting on a bicycle smoking away. It was after 7pm and that area was dark  as the canopy of a well grown tree shaded the light from the nearest lamp post. He was alone but the place has enough human movement. People gave him disgusted looks before moving on. However, no one bothered to go talk some sense into him.

It crushed my heart and I walked towards him to have a little chat. As I approached he stared at me but was unperturbed and smoked away. I said Hi and started talking about why he shouldn't smoke. He still kept smoking turning a deaf ear to my advice. When I finished, he asked me to mind my own business. My heart skipped a beat at the intensity with which he said that. I found it prudent to listen to him and back off.That incident numbed me in a way.


  1. Be it a ten year old or three year old, if somebody is doing something like smoking or smoking up, please never approach them.. It is said, but our safety is a priority. The thought is what matters.

  2. Its hard not to when the person in question is a kid. The guilt of inaction would weigh a ton. Safety is indeed a priority but, yes, one can always hope!

  3. That's really sad. Wish life is also like the stories we write. Protagonist advising the child and the child leaves the bad habit. Sometimes real life is complicated.

    Hats off to you, If I would have witnessed the incident, I am not sure i would have talked to the child. Whether he listened to you or not, I appreciate your intent and action.

  4. Thank you! I wish the same too. Sadly reality bites