Monday, September 26, 2016

#423 : Day Four : Rage and Heart-Break


A couple of weeks ago, I was reading this book - The Sentimental Terrorist by Rajesh Talwar. The book is set in Afghanistan and intricately depicts the culture and state of affairs of that country.The narration about the state of women shocked me to bones. Women virtually were living a cursed life akin to that of a vermin. Since a young age, world politics has always held my interest. Back then, I recollect devouring factual articles about Taliban's atrocities in the name of religion. However, none of these articles managed to capture pure sadness and anguish. Today, all those articles and reports seem like  a mere  piece of paper inked with black die in a certain pattern. I stumbled upon a poem while reading that book and looking up on facts from the book. Emotions hit me like tornado. There are words which could kill if strung properly and there are words strung like from this poem which drives a twisted rusted knife into the very core of your heart, leaving you feeling helpless, sad and angry at the injustices of the world. It took me a while to recover from the emotional turmoil the poem had wrecked. The blatant injustice that was confined to one country has become widespread now. This poem was written 18 years ago, yet every woman can relate and connect with it. The world, sadly hasn't become a better place at all.

This poem - "Look into My world" is authored by Zeiba Shorish-Shamley and was featured in the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights covenant. She dedicated the poem to fellow women from Afghanistan. Women have cribbed and cried enough about the general state of affairs of women. All that said and done, why is that the balance has never tilted? Is it too much to treat a person from the opposite gender as equal? Does religion give the power to harm a fellow human being?

The poem - Look Into My world.

They made me a prisoner in shackles and in chains
Do you know of my guilt? Do you know of my sins?
These ignorant savages, who cannot see the light
Keep beating me oppressing me, to show their might

They made me invisible, shrouded and non-being
A shadow, no existence, made silent and unseeing
Denied of freedom, confined to my cage
Tell me how to handle my anger and my rage?

They destroyed my country and sold it to invader
They massacred my people, my sisters and my mater
My children are dying, they murdered my own father
They killed all my brothers, without a thought or bother

The reign they impose, dictates hate and fury
It butchers child and elders, no judge, defense or jury
It bans art and artists, punish poets and writers
It sells drugs and armors, nurtures terrorist fighters

In destitute and misery, I hang to this life
I keep on trying to hold down the strife
Can you give me an answer? Do you know of my choice?
Am I the source of evil? Can you hear my voice?

Is this my religion? Is this the way of culture?
Do I deserve this fortune to be pray to vulture?
Pain is so intense, should I end this life?
Taking a cup of poison? Pierce the heart with knife?

My horrific persecution, is based on my gender
Forced marriage, prostitution, my sell by offender
Seeking the way to redress, finding cruel injustice
Caught in the vicious circle, win peace? and win justice?

Seized in the web of horror. despair, fear, starkness
Lost in the world terror, death is near and darkness
World is beset in deafness, silent, cold and dormant
No one hears my laments, no one shares my torment

Listen to the typhoon's roar, it signifies my wailing
Look at the rains of hurricane, my tears with no railing
The rage of volcano, declares my screams
The wrath of tornado, views of my dreams

Hear me, feel my pain, you must share my sorrows
It could be you in chains, if not today, tomorrow
Join me in resistance, with no stop or pause
We can defeat this evil, be victors of my cause

This rule cannot detain me, I will defy and fight
To reach the dawn of freedom, I seek the justice light
I will crush these masters, I will burn this jail
I will tear these walls, in this accursed hell!



  1. Oh so deep! Really painful poem but this writing would have inspired a lot of people to break their shackles and join the revolution or at the very least, question the things happening around them.

  2. Heavy. I had read the Kite-runner a couple of months back. The book gives a glimpse on the plight of people in Afghanistan. The solution is not easy.

  3. Do read the sentimental terrorist by Rajesh Talwar. No solution really.