Friday, September 23, 2016

#419 : 100 Days of Blogging - Introduction


I first discovered the concept of blogging when I was in class 11. Since then I have created and deleted enough blogs to realize I need one constant place to actually write. A diary was doing just fine until recent time when my handwriting went for a toss and mobile apps seemed to help me solve the purpose of keeping a diary. Thus was born this blog. A’louest – My blog has morphed into a perfect digital diary to share my thoughts which could be shared in public without kicking up a controversy or divulging my deepest fears and dreams.

When a friend of mine posted this 100 days blogging challenge she took up, I wanted to jump the bandwagon. I don’t really blog as much as I want to out of sheer laziness. After all, there are 24 hours in a day, writing a 300 word blog post shouldn’t ideally take up more than 30 minutes after considering my typing speed and the speed of my internet connection. A pessimistic push from a friend and self-doubt made me give up that thought of joining in the challenge.  I had no intention of posting something for the mere sake of it given that I had a lot of plans career wise and otherwise too chalked out till the end of this year.

All I needed was a spark. That spark came in the most unexpected form – A movie - Cinderella to be precise. As a child, I wasn’t attracted to fairy tales. Cinderella and Snow white weren’t just my thing. I preferred Akbar – Birbal, Suppandi and Tenali Raman. One dialogue in the movie struck a chord – Be courageous and kind. Cinderella was courageous and kind all along. The other dialog which re-affirmed my decision was this – It takes great courage to be seen as we truly are. I decided I need to buck up and find time. I know the first day of the remaining hundred days will be over in a minutes. Better late than never!

What can you expect from my posts from today? Pictures, my thoughts, quotes I loved and some reviews/tutorials. Just me.



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