Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#394 : What Might Have Been by Lynn Steward : Review

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of b00k r3vi3w Tours​. Thank you :)


A glimpse into the Fashion world of 70s set in America – An interesting setting to begin with. Our protagonist Dana, is a fashion buyer and is nursing heartbreak of separating from her lawyer husband. She travels to London and meets a Priest who guides her via letters later. She then goes on to fall in love again and fights hard to make her career ambitions come true.

The story is paced out consistently with enough surprises in the mix to keep the reader engaged. Almost all the characters are all well developed and they are much consistent with the era they belong to. However, I felt Brett – Dana’s Ex-husband’s character could have used some consistency like other characters. He is a lawyer who is virtually coerced into a relationship yet he has the spine to blackmail someone else. Moreover, that part of the story where he coerces Jack Hartlen to sign an agreement seemed too unreal to me and easy to me – a logical loophole in a way. The story initially was set in London but then moved on to United States. However, I really didn’t find a vast difference in the setting as should have been the case. There was also a part of the story which wasn’t characteristic of that era in which the book is set in – Gay alliances. I don’t really think people back then had the temperament to accept such a relationship. The writing was perfect and all characters sounded so alive which is the USP of this book. If not for the brilliant writing and a unique setting, I suppose the story would have fallen flat given it had a very common theme. The title for some reason doesn’t make much sense to me! Guess it’s a tad too romantic for my taste.

One thing that confused me was if this book is the first or the second in the series. Goodreads says this is the first, while reviews say otherwise. It would be helpful if the writer can sort out the cover and the edition in Goodreads.

MY SAY: A good literary fiction


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