Thursday, July 21, 2016

#383 : This Book Teaches People How to Drink! - Guest Post by Author RandyHaveson

Up until now, we’ve had two primary messages when it comes to drinking alcohol. One is “be responsible” and the other is to “drink moderately.” But what do those mean? Ask five random people what they mean and you get five completely different answers. You would never see a speed limit sign on a highway that says, “Drive responsibly.” That wouldn’t make sense.

As an alcohol education specialist I wanted to find a way to teach people how to drink and lower their risk for getting in trouble. I did years of research and came up with Party with a Plan®. Basically, the book goes beyond “Be responsible” by giving people specific guidelines that teach people how to drink in a low-risk way. To put it simply, I created a speed limit for drinking. Following the low-risk guidelines insures you won’t get a DUI, fight with friends, or become an alcoholic.

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