Friday, June 3, 2016

#365 : Ready, Steady, Go! by Deepak Mehra : Review

GENRE: Non – Fiction


FORMAT: Paperback


The transition from being a college student to a corporate is indeed an important milestone in the life of any individual. From personal experience it is indeed a true fact that college education doesn’t really impart the skills essential to survive cut throat competition in a corporate. All education does is impart knowledge but not skills to enough to have a comfortable entry. This book can truly serve as a perfect guide for fresh graduates to hone their interpersonal skills and give a perfect insight on how a corporate actually works.

The writer has divided the book into three parts, each elaborating on topics ranging from dress codes, to body language, to climbing the corporate ladder. He has explained various simple nuances of a working environment with snippets of example. The first part – Ready – focuses on the initial part of the transition like dress codes, work ethics and body language. This part gives that initial and much needed dose of reality of graduates.

The second part – Steady, is intended for a mid-level employee to root his/her standing and climbing the corporate ladder. The writer has perfectly elaborated the need to have a work life balance and has emphasized the need to distinguish between friendships and a professional relationship. Also, ways to sustain performance by having that game on attitude has been explained precisely.

The third part – Go! – The final section of the book elaborates the traits and characteristics to cross that mid-level management. The writer has fleshed out the previous part well by explaining the crucially of being visible to the top management. The writer has thoroughly stressed out the importance of creating a positive work culture and being a leader by example.With enough anecdotes and examples, this book is surely an eye-opener for fresh graduates.

While I do agree that this is one unique attempt in enabling fresh graduates to enjoy the transition from college to corporate, there is one  unintended consequence - Spoon-feeding. What is to be learnt from lessons of life shouldn't really be learnt by reading a book for the sake of 'experience'. 

MY SAY: Eye-Opener

RATING: 4/5 

Note : This is a commissioned review. Any monetary compensation doesn't imply honesty is being compromised. Doesn't make a difference to people like me who always speak their mind.



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