Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#362 : Latina Authors and Their Muses - Mayra Calvani, Editor : Review

GENRE: Non-Fiction


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from b00k r3vi3w Tours    in exchange of an honest review. Thank you :)

What could possibly be interesting in a compilation of interviews of a bunch of Latina writer? Short answer -everything. Long answer – read on.

The book contained interviews of forty female Latin writers who write on various genres. The editor, Mayra Calvani’s preface, gave an overall view of what to expect. Written interviews to me are double edged sword – The presentation would affect the content immaterial of how good or bad the content is. The book stood out for its exceptional presentation. The interview covered vital details like what exactly made the writers tick. The focus was on structures and semantics of writing rather than the syntaxes. These women drew inspiration to write from their own lives. To write, there is always the need for a trigger. That motivation to write often stems from incidents both joyful and traumatic. The interview beautifully elaborated as to what made the writers tick and why they took up writing. One thing that pleasantly surprised me was, almost all the women were educated and had alternate careers with some form of a support system in place. Of course, they do have their own fair share of downs, but it is heart-warming to get a glimpse of their lives.

The book was inspirational to me in way. The interviews discussed various writing habits of writers – from mind maps, character sketches to networking etc. I got a complete glimpse of the whole writing industry right from that spark to write a book to marketing it. Not that the journey of publishing was bump less for them, but the way they handled all that trouble is inspiring.

Being from the other part of the world, to me there wasn’t much of a difference between a writer from an Anglo background and one from a Hispanic background. This book changed that perception. The language, the culture and the lifestyles were beautifully blended with the book talk in the interview. The purpose of writing such a book is to highlight the whole group of Hispanic writers who are passionate about their work. Undoubtedly, with a skilled interviewer and specific questionnaire, the purpose has been fulfilled with great success.

MY SAY: Very interesting read




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