Saturday, June 4, 2016

#366 : 300 Days by Bragadeesh Prasanna : Review

GENRE: Fiction – Romance


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from the writer in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Bragadeesh.


The promise of a simple love story from the blurb enticed me to pick up the book when the writer approached me. He also published a sample from the book before it was released. I read the sample and found his writing to be simple and quite natural.

Narrated by one of the protagonist, Jai, 300 days is the story of Jai and Sravani who meet during a trek. It is love at first sight for Jai. He pursues her as a friend. What follows is a tale of separation and love.

The story as such was like old wine in a new bottle - the “new” version of the bottle being technological advancement in the form of GTalk conversations and mails. Like aged wine, the story had enough fruitiness to it but the flavor is subtle, making you feel all warm and fuzzy. Jai courted Sravani properly like a gentleman and reading that part of the story was an absolute delight. Platonic love narrated eloquently is the selling point of this book.

Narration & Characterization
The writing was simple and neat. However, there were glaring proofreading errors in the copy that was given to me. The writer brought in this authentic feel to the story with minimal infusion of local language. He did use a couple of Telugu phrases here and there, but that is aptly justified by the context. The narration consistently bordered rambling. Given the consistency, I realized that the writer intended it to be this way as it was written from the perspective of a character who was obviously in love and pain. Initially, I  didn’t like it, but the sheer beauty of a platonic love being narrated surpassed that uncomfortable feeling. The characterization was perfect with regards to Jai and Sravani. I felt the writer really didn’t do justice to Chris’s, Sindhuja’s and of that Jai’s parent’s character. I get that this is Jai’s and Sravani’s story, yet I would have preferred a bit more of depth to those characters.

The cover deserves a special mention – It is absolutely beautiful with no image or graphic but just a shade of blue which I love.

MY SAY:  A proper romance read.  

RATING: 3.5/5 



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