Thursday, May 12, 2016

#343 : The Path (Tag #1) by Peter Riva : Review

GENRE: Fiction – Sci-Fi


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of iRead book tours in exchange for an honest review. Thanks guys!


Imagining how life would be in years gives a vast playground for a writer to experiment and let loose their imagination. Peter Riva, the writer of this book has turned to the most predictable school of thought – what if at one point of time computers try to kill his very own creator.

Our protagonist Simon’s job is to ensure that the artificial intelligence system runs in top notch condition to help the smooth functioning of the county administration. Things take a violent turn when they very system threatens the existence of his life as well as other fellow human being's life. He is short on time and has to rely on his instincts to save the world.
Being an ardent fan of artificial intelligence and having worked on a project relating to AI, I found the story line relatable but a little far fetched. Of course, given that the book is  a work of fiction, such an imagination is acceptable. Having said that, readers in general who aren’t acquainted with his concept of science would simply not see beyond lines of code. The writer could have avoided elaborating on that front. I felt the characterization was a bit superficial and lacked that conviction of a man on a mission. “Tempestuous” would be the right word to describe the writing. Few parts of the writing were really good while in few parts of the book the sentences were a bit abrupt. The writer certainly needs to be lauded for his brilliant sense of imagination. The plot line as such was riveting with enough sensible twists and turns.  

MY SAY: For people who love pure Sci-Fi, this book is a treat.


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