Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#349 : Fast Track To Glory by Tomasz Chrusciel : Review

GENRE: Fiction - Thriller


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from Pump Up Your Books in exchange for an honest review! Thank you guys!


Dan brown and Steve Berry have used and abused topic like god, holy grail, the fight between good and evil, the fight between science and religion. Every other book that I pick belonging with the same type of setting, I hope the writer does come up with something original. This writer did bring in a refreshing change but not where I expected.

Nina, our protagonist, is a university professor who accepts an assignment to authenticate a long lost table which would be the gateway to heaven. Things take a nasty turn when she realizes she has been betrayed and is being chased by a mad man billionaire – Van Der Venn, with expansive resources at disposal. Joining hands with her is the charming hotelier, Alessandro, who has his own motivations with regards to the Venn. They end up travelling to India to cut the chase and unlock the mystery.

I couldn’t help but draw parallels to Dan brown’s books – The character of Nina and Robert Langdon were similar in a way that they had their fair share of a tormented past. They are both professors who end up getting involved in dangerous things. They travel to other county to solve mystery. So to me, initially the book was a bit boring – that is until the writer established his premise. Once he moved on to the actual chase, the sequence of events got interesting. Being from India, I wasn’t really amused with writer’s description of Jaipur and it railway station. Having visited both, I can vouch that they aren’t as bad as the writer has projected. People writing about my country seem to be of opinion that we have dusty roads, poor infrastructure and a horrible traffic – Judging the entire country by visiting one place isn’t exactly a wise thing to do.  And no, not all of us gawk at foreigners or pull their hair. I wasn’t really amused by that part of the story, though I won’t deny it is not known to happen.

The writing as such was good with smooth narration. However, the characters and their motivation seemed to fall flat a bit due to uncanny similarities with other books.

MY SAY: It’s an okay read!


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