Thursday, May 19, 2016

#351 : False Ceilings by Amit Sharma : Review

GENRE: Fiction

NUMBER OF PAGES: 256         

FORMAT: Paperback


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from Writers Melon in exchange for an honest review. Thank you :) 


A story set in the beautiful town of Dalhousie spanning across generations – must make for an interesting read I mused before picking it up. The cover and the title both were in contradiction with the blurb a bit. An old radio and an almirah isn’t exactly much to go on is it? This is exactly what attracted me to the book!


The story is set in Dalhousie and Delhi. It traces the lives of four generations of people from a family. The writer weaves history and culture into the story which simply ended up helping the writer building up the story. The story as such focuses much on human emotions, behavior and actions. Each emotion, behavior and action is substantiated either by another emotion or action or incident. In fact, the story was more like a Cause and Effect matrix explained literally (It’s the best I can associate with, programming C&E matrix is my day job you see).

Narration & Characterization

With non-linear narration and an abstract theme, this book wasn’t definitely one easy read. The transition between time lines and characters were a bit too abrupt for my taste. The story was simply too slowly paced with characters being killed off at regular intervals. The characterization however was simply too good. In fact, I felt the writer focused too much on the characters and their aspirations and ended up losing focus on pacing. The detailing of historical events, emotions associated with them, their impact on characters and the characterization prevented me from putting down the book. It was evident that the writer researched a lot about various topics including the partition and the local history of Dalhousie. ‘Exquisite’ would be the apt word to describe the writing in general. If only the story had more proper twists and turns! The secret which the writer reveals in the end was something quite wicked in an aesthetic sense. Sadly, thanks to extremely slow pace to reach that big reveal, the secret lost that bang factor. Thankfully though, the secret wasn’t predictable. In fact, I kept waiting for a supernatural element to come into to play, which obviously didn’t happen.

MY SAY: A good literary read.




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