Tuesday, May 10, 2016

#341 : Tagged!

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. Okay! Okay! who doesn't?! Love - When I get to scroll through my news feed and like posts which I can actually associate without looking at who shared it. Hate - When people tag me. I'm the type of person who thinks of a comeback ages after the joke is dead. I would probably even miss the notification that I've been tagged only to stumble upon it days after and reply then. In short, I'm not quick at wit  or replies and I keep to myself largely. Thus interacting in social media is a pain. Let's not even get to how I manage live social interactions. Honestly, between books, books and more books, what is the damn need to be on Facebook. That is one 'book' I would gladly give up. Lame joke that was. My bad. 

Being a book blogger, I really cannot escape social media. Facebook especially. I'm expected to post about the book I'm reading, promote reviews blah blah blah. Oh well, I grit my teeth and do it only for the love of books and the writers. I'm no social butterfly. My friend list contains people whom I have actually interacted with - either over mails or in person. So I have no peer pressure so to say "to be witty" or post something that would garner like a 100 likes and shares. I'm this spectator who doesn't update every single activity that I do on Facebook.Ultimately, my posts don't land a 1000 likes or shares. However, there was this one post of mine which "stole the limelight". Oh well, I'm not surprised. This post of mine was a screenshot of a conversation between my dad and me.

About my dad - where do I even begin! He is this tech-savvy and socially active person who 'surpasses' his 25 year old daughter when it comes to being in tune with the memes and videos circulated in Whatsapp or Facebook. More often than not, I chide to put his phone down. Reversal of roles isn't it?

Here is a screen-shot of that post which had me laughing straight for hours. That damn post garnered about 40 likes and 27 comments - most of which where replies in the form of memes posted by my dad. (if you are logged on to Facebook and friends with me, you should be able to see the post here,  Else, I'm sorry, you have to make do with the poor images.)




Dhivya Balaji, Sarika Sethuraman and Vinay Kumaar, who commented on that thread are all my friends who are of my age. My dad (Sundar Rajan), gave them a tough competition. Vijay Rajagoplan, who also commented, is my uncle. (If you don't read or know Tamil, I'm sorry, that post might not make sense at all!)

When people fear having parents on their friends list, I'm totally cool with it. I've never found it awkward to have my dad commenting on my posts. It's simple really. I keep my personal life personal and private.What do I really have to fear when I don't hide things from them and don't post stuff online which shouldn't be online. In fact, it's super fun having him crack me up with his commenting antics!

Note : This post is a part of the "Tagged" Contest by writer Kaarthika and The Chennai Bloggers Club. Kaarthika's book is being released on May 29. Do pre-order it on Amazon.

I've been wanting to write about why having your parents in your friend list isn't a bad idea as it seems. Thank you guys for reminding me :) 



  1. That sounds like fun. It always happen with me when I realize after a day or two I've been tagged:)

  2. Ha ha! Happy to know I am not alone!