Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#333 : Yama by Kevin Missal : Review

GENRE: Fiction - Thriller


FORMAT: Paperback


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from the writer in exchange of an honest review. Kalamos literary services facilitated the intros! Thanks to Anuj :)


Volatile Saint, Delusional Hero and an ambitious reporter – A time tested recipe for a perfect mystery thriller as far as writing in India is concerned. The west would take time to understand the concept of Yama – the god of justice and death, while we Indians wouldn’t have any trouble at all.  In fact, for some people, using that very name sends chills down the spine. This writer has capitalized well on that fact.

A man who claims to be Yama is on a killing spree in the name of serving justice. Of course, his victims are people are actually who have committed some crime or the other. That however, doesn’t give him the leeway to kill then. Iravan Rajpoot, the PI who is Ex-Army, gets entangled in these murders thanks to Yama who sends him periodic clues.Iravan already has his fair share of personal problems to deal with. With an ambitious reporter also in the play, Iravan breaks mountains to track the killer while handling his personal issues.

Logic is a vital element of this genre. The story did have minor logical loopholes, but that didn’t hamper the overall reading pleasure. For instance, in a particular chapter, Iravan, a person from northern part of the country watches a Tamil channel. Might not really sound like a big deal, but is still a loophole. The writing was good enough. The story at one point seemed a bit familiar to me. The torture methods of Yama and the name he gives for each punishment which is from Hindu Mythology was the primary reason behind this similarity. The Tamil movie, Anniyan (Aparichit in Hindi) also had a vigilante killer who served out Yama Styled punishments. However, the similarities stopped there. The story was a bit erratically paced with some parts being totally gripping while others a bit slow. The characterization was done perfectly and with a lot of conviction. The way the characters and the story jointly brought out the hypocrisy of our society was quite impressive.

MY SAY: An interesting read


PLOT: 3/5




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