Monday, April 18, 2016

#327 : Raakshas: The Serial Killer by Piyush Jha : Review

GENRE: Fiction - Thriller


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review Copy as a part of writer’s melon review program. Thanks guys!


Raakshas : The Serial Killer by Piyush Jha is the story of a ruthless killer and a female cop who pursues him to jail him. With an unconventional title and an intriguing summary, the book caught my attention when it was offered for review.

A series of blood chilling murders rock the city of Mumbai. Additional commissioner of police, Maithili Prasad, spearheads a manhunt to chase down the killer only to be fooled  by him time and again. By the time she understands the motivation of the killer, she becomes his object of obsession. Does she survive?

The book started off with two chapters which pretty much covered the childhood and motivations of the protagonist and the villain. The writer made it smack clear that as to why the killer was actually killing and also as to why the protagonist - Maithili actually became a cop. It was more of a psychoanalysis than a portrayal of their aspirations and childhood. To me, this depreciated the thrill factor when reading the perfectly executed murders. A perfectly executed murder is complete only when the impetus behind is it explained along with. When the reader already knew as to why the anti-hero was committing such heinous acts it diminishes the sense of thrill. Also, the writer elaborated few murders in detail, while others were simply represented in a mere factual manner. Detailing about the victims adds that extra dimension to elaborating a murder. Undoubtedly the writer logically perfected the execution of the murders, but missed out from making it a complete package.

​The characterization, needless to mention was perfect. I enjoyed the various shades of both the characters. One part of the story that deserves a special mention is the usage of media to stoke the ego of the killer. Masterstroke on the part of the writer, I say. Haven’t we witnessed something like happening time and again, where manipulating the media simply would bruise the ego of a person with unwarranted consequences. The writer fared well in narration, but the murders became less chilling after a point. May be, I simply got used to killer’s methods. Being an avid fan of this genre of stories, this story was indeed a good read, but I won’t go the extent of calling it a great thriller.

MY SAY: Almost a thriller!


PLOT: 3.5/5





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