Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#312 : An Autograph For Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman : Review


GENRE: Fiction – Romantic Suspense


FORMAT: Digital



An Autograph for Anjali is a treat for people who love that right mix of suspense and romance. Jayanth Mathur, our protagonist – Anjali’s husband is found murdered – shot at point blank range with his own revolver. Anjali isn’t really shaken up but is quite perplexed as to who stands to gain from Jayanth’s death. Parth – the handsome writer handles the whole ‘situation’ and stands as pillar of support for Anjali and her son – Arjun during this difficult time. Who is Parth? What does he mean to Anjali and Arjun?

Having read most of this writer – Sundari’s works, I’m quite comfortable with her style of writing which is actually perfect and filled with warmth. Murders described in graphic details almost always end up being puke worthy. Seasoned writers of course, handle murders in a far better way – they ensure the readers experience that chillness of the gory act. With Jayanth’s murder, it was almost the same. It wasn’t puke worthy but it wasn’t chilling either. It was simply saddening. For someone who has written a lot of romance, this diversification was a great attempt by the writer.

The characterization aided the authenticity of the story line. With almost realistic characters and an equally realistic story line with right amount of fiction infused, the book was that perfect read. However, one character slightly disappointed me - Arjun. He seemed too good to be real. Men are almost always supportive when it comes to their mum, but certain ‘acts’ of Arjun were too supportive which sort of crossed that line of idealism. However, tweaking Arjun’s character to a large extent would have resulted in the story becoming nothing short of a Bollywood drama, which the writer probably intended to avoid. Also, guessing the killer was pretty easy making the story a wee bit predictable. In short, no story can be too perfect, this story wasn’t either. That doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be good enough!

MY SAY: A balanced and well written story with right amount of romance and suspense.



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  1. Sundari VenkatramanMarch 16, 2016 at 3:44 AM

    Hi Jan,
    Thank you so much for that honest and awesome and detailed review. I am so glad you enjoyed reading my latest offering. As for Arjun - wait and watch out for the sequel ;)
    Lips zipped shut!

  2. Welcome :) I enjoyed reading the book. Sequel eh :o Waiting for it!

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