Thursday, October 8, 2015

#243 : Wasp's Nest (Roma Series #2) by Gabriel Valjan : Review


GENRE: Fiction – Thriller
FORMAT: Digital
SERIES / STANDALONE: Roma Series Book #2
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of Italy book tours! Thanks a lot guys!
Government Analyst Bianca aka Alabaster is back in action in Boston. This time she is assigned to investigate Nasoina Pharma’s CEO Cyril and his research in genome of Wasps to discover an effective cancer treatment.

Meanwhile the accused from the antiques case in Roma is brought to Boston for trials. That case takes an unexpected turn leaving Bianca in trouble. Between the Wasp research and the antiques case and old friends in foray with her to untangle all mysteries, Bianca races against death.

The part of the story  about wasps and cancer gave me chills. Biology and genetic studies are not my area of strengths. I avoid picking up books based on both the subjects owing to my fear of not being able to follow the plot or connect with it. Surprisingly, I was able to connect with this story in spite of a large volume of book containing lots of stuff related to DNA, Wasp’s and Cancer.  The writing probably was the reason behind this. Just like the previous book, the book also kept me in hooks. I just didn’t want to put this book and managed to finished it in one go. The USP of this book would be its unpredictability. Just when the plot seems to make sense and logic, the writer will put in some twist that would blow your mind off. The characters seem a bit more evolved. That may be simply due to the progression of story. The writer totally deserves to be lauded for not bringing in intense romance in the middle of a thriller, though the story did have ample scope for that. Brining in a romantic track would simply be a cliché that would take the thrill out of the thriller. For diehard fans of thriller like me that would have been a huge disappointment. Smart work Mr.Valjan!

MY SAY: True blue thriller!
PLOT : 9/10
BOREDOM QUOTIENT: 0/10 (Lower the better! And this is the first time I’m giving out a 0)
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