Friday, October 30, 2015

#255 : Made In India by Biddu : Review


GENRE: Non- Fiction : Autobiography


FORMAT: Paperback

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of b00k r3vi3w Tours. Thanks guys!

“Made in India”- a song that would stir up fond memories of annual day functions of any south Indian kids from the 90s. That song was such a rage that back then the annual day was incomplete without this song. I remember dancing twice for this song in two hilarious costumes. Having grown up in a family that really didn’t listen or watch Hindi songs back then, this song fascinated me. When this book came up for review I was shocked at my own ignorance – I didn’t know the composer of the song.

Autobiographies almost always end up kicking up the hornet’s nest. They either attract controversies or the ‘positive’ publicity in the form of sympathy and what not. This book was neither. I didn’t feel the intention of the writer to do either. Yes, the writer, Biddu did struggle to make it big in the industry, but what is life without a struggle.  Of course, the writer does deserve due credit for hitchhiking his way through Iraq, Syria, Dubai with meager money. He certainly deserves to be applauded for his grit and determination for not giving up.

Given that an autobiography allows only a limited scope for review, I would like to focus only on the writing. Having heard just one of his songs, I don’t know if the writer has his way with music, but he certainly does have a way with his words. He kept the language simple and the narration filled with enough humor. I did feel he was trying to be a wee too modest there by automatically gaining my attention.  Most often than not, people chronicling their lives end up adding that extra dose of emotion (Whatever the emotion it may be) to hold the reader’s attention. Thankfully this writer did nothing of that sort. Yes, I did feel the writer’s pain and struggle, but it was not earth shattering. It could have been “made” earth shattering!

MY SAY: An interesting read. People who listen and enjoy varied music would find this book a good read.

RATING: 8/10




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