Saturday, October 3, 2015

#237 : KLASS by Prita Yadav : Spotlight!

Title:  KLASS – A man is lifeless without a passion in his life

Genre: Fiction for young adults

The book: Set in modern day Lonavala, the book is about how a vagabond girl Jolene Jordon's life goes through a rapid change as she steps into one of the best sports academy in Maharashtra - KLASS (KanchanSingh's Lessons and Sports School)

Synopsis: Jolene Jordan has been forced to join KLASS by her father and she dislikes the fact that she has to toe his line. She makes up her mind to be extremely rude, disobey the teachers and break all rules; so that she would be expelled from school and her father would be humiliated. For sometime Jo is the ‘Mind your own business’ girl and the bottom performer in her class until a sudden unfortunate twist in her life makes the girl change over a new leaf. The story revolves around Jo's whirlwind journey through KLASS, her dilemma to choose a game as her MAJOR, her resolve to get thrown out of KLASS as a rebuke to her father and her struggle to overpower her notion to be friends with anyone at KLASS.

About the Writer: Born and raised in Pune, Prita Yadav is extremely passionate about sports, especially hockey. She has represented Maharashtra State in hockey and is currently part of a women’s hockey club. She is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys running marathons. She developed an interest for reading books at a very young age and was especially fascinated by the ones from the fiction genre. The fond memories for her alma mater, plus the zeal to master as many sports as she can, motivated her to write this book on a sports school.

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