Friday, September 4, 2015

#215 : Welcome, Reluctant Stranger by E.Journey : Review + GIVEAWAY!


GENRE: Fiction - Romance


FORMAT: Paperback

SERIES / STANDALONE: Between Two Worlds #3

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review Copy as a part of iRead Book Tours. Thanks guys for the review copy!


As the title suggests the book is all about the newest addition to Halverson family – Leilani – the exotic looking psychologist with a troubled past from a faraway tiny island. The first two books were about the Halversons, while this third book is more about Leilani. Given that the second book ended in a mysterious note about Peter and his illness, I expected a substantial story line about him, sadly there was hardly any mention about him.

Justin, Elise’s older brother, simply wants to drown in his sorrow after his girlfriend of 7 years leaves him for a woman. He ends up in a dingy pub and is beaten black and blue by thugs who attempt to mug him. Leilani rescues Justin and thus begins the typical cycle of getting to know each other and eventually falling in love.  This journey to find love is complicated by Leilani’s mysterious past and her father’s story from her home town of Costa Mora.

The writing like the previous book was perfect, simple and got me hooked up. Leilani’s (Lani) character and her past was well craft and took up predominant part of the story. But I was sort of irked by how quickly Elise and Leilani hit off, it doesn’t happen that way. Afterall, Lani is a stranger. All characters emoted perfectly to the situation. I could actually visualize and empathize with certain scenes from the book which were simply an emotional roller coaster. That would be the USP of this book – the meticulously portrayed emotions. The characterization was good, though I felt some characters could have been all together avoided – like Bernie or Lani’s older sister. If the book had been all about Justin moping about after his breakup, it would have been one unpleasant and boring read. Thankfully the writer chose to give importance to Lani’s story there by making the book a gripping and interesting read.

MY SAY: An interesting read well-crafted with elements like cultures, love, feelings of guilt and forgiving in the right proportion.


PLOT: 8/10



BOREDOM QUOTIENT : 2/10 (Lower the better)


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  1. Thanks a whole bunch for your reviews of the three books in my series, Between Two Worlds. I very much appreciate that they're heartfelt. My wishes for a long-standing blog. Both authors and readers need you.

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