Sunday, September 6, 2015

#216 : Montmartre Mysteries by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen, Translated bySally Pane + GIVEAWAY!


GENRE: Fiction - Mystery


FORMAT: Digital

SERIES / STANDALONE:  Winemaker Detective Mysteries #8

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of French Book tours. Thanks guys!


Exotic location from France, Wine brewing and a good mystery – the perfectly intoxicating combination for a mystery lover like me.  The book proved to be just like Wine, the mystery brewed slowly and ended in a bang when tasted.

Wine expert Cooker travels to the capital of France to provide his expertise to revive a dying vineyard. Paris holds a lot of fond memories for Cooker. He visits his old friend Arthur Solacroup, a strange Wine merchant with a mysterious past in the French Legion. Right when he enters Arthur’s shop he find Arthur bleeding and bottles of wine broken. Apparently Arthur’s past seems to have caught up with him resulting in the attempt in this life. Cooker and his charming assistant Virgile embark on a journey to solve this mystery and find more about Arthur.

The writing constantly reminded me that this was indeed a translated book. I felt I was missing out on something, though I couldn’t really put my finger on it. Having already one translated work (From French to English) by the same publisher, I quite expected this book also to match that level. Sadly it didn’t, thanks to a couple of translation errors. The story was simply perfect, making up for whatever was lost literally in translation. The writers executed the mystery just like the wine that they majorly talked about – brewed slowly over a long period to produce something intoxicating. The characterization however made me realize that I should have probably read previous books in the serious. In spite of all this, I totally enjoyed the book!

MY SAY: A good mystery brewed slowly with tasteful flavors.


PLOT: 7/10



BOREDOM QUOTIENT: 3/10 (Lower the better)


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  1. thanks for your balanced review. As a professional translator myself, I'm really intrigued by the translation mistakes you said you found. Were you able to compare with the French original? Would you mind giving me some examples? Which would also be helpful for the publisher. Thanks, Emma

  2. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of visiting Montmartre. I think that simply learning more about the place would interest me in visiting, as before reading this post, I had not even heard of it before.

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