Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#213 : Greatness and Gratitude - Cassia Cassitas

What can we think about someone that inspecting the pupil’s room and:

“If his bedding were at an angle, Geraldo would make it worse. If there 

were clothes scattered around the floor, Geraldo would open the closet 

and throw some more on top of the pile.” 

Don’t try to claim! People like these ones will never agree with you:

“Do you think I’m overreacting? Just wait and see how life’s gonna treat 

you if you don’t take it seriously.”

On their mind, it induces to be stronger:

 “You need to know your strength when you’re tired. Being strong when 

everything’s okay isn’t enough. Whether it is in life or during a race, 

obstacles bring out the energy that will either make you or break you.”

No, they don’t want to break anyone. They wonder that:

“Overcoming difficulties is a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter the conditions 

you’re competing under; what matters is how you act during a 


I am sure, there is a history behind the attitudes: 

“Geraldo wanted to take the world, be surprised, have the freedom to 

become whoever he wanted, and he succeeded at that for some time. He 

left behind his studies, his friends. When his career in sports showed signs 

that it was coming to an end, he realized he had nothing else. It was hard 

for him to believe that new moments of satisfaction awaited him in the 

future, because all the joy he had ever known came from cycle tracks.”

Most of time, the greatness is to prevent others from committing the mistake we made. 

How? Someones essay the answer:

“Man, adrenaline goes away too fast, and it leaves a trail behind you that 

leads all the way back to the people who love you. Try to look at the heart 

of things. Look beyond the surface of what seems contradicting to you. 

Forget this thing about good or bad, right or wrong. Men are animals who 

fight for freedom and security. Don’t you want to be a winner?”

Thank you, all kind of “Geraldo” of my life, for don’t give up me.

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