Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#167 : Two Hearts, When I Said I Do, I Meant Forever by James Eric Richey :Review


GENRE: Fiction - Romance


FORMAT: Paperback


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of iRead Book Tours! Thanks guys!


The title, the book back summery and the book cover, all three of them promise just one thing – Romance, pure romance and love. The story was just that. The writer lived up to the promises he made via the title, summary and the cover.

The book opened with our protagonist Jaxon, toiling away in the mines of Dillion to mine a small lump of gold from which he eventually crafts a ring for the love of his life, Annie. He proposes to her and they are married. They eventually relocate to Venezuela as Jaxon lands a mining job there.  All is great in their lives when storm hits them in the form of Jaxon’s boss’s wife and his father’s illness. The blissful relationship between Jaxon and Annie turns rocky thanks Annie’s mom who had instilled notions of infidel husbands right from a young age. Adding to the agony, Annie’s dad simply refuses to acknowledge her and ignores her completely. Naturally, Annie’s faith in men and romantic relationship is ideally built on Jaxon’s behavior with her. Thus things turn sour when that boat of trust is rocked. Do Annie and Jaxon wade out of the tangles of their relationship? Read the book to know that!

The writing was good enough, though I felt the writer, James, put in a lot of description of about things that weren’t really vital to the story. Almost sixty percent of the story is filled with practical romance which is obviously slow paced, but the last forty percent of the story is the cherry on the cake. I simply couldn’t put the book down once I reached that part of the book. The book interested me a lot as it was set against the backdrop of the mining industry (obviously! That’s the Instrumentation engineer in me talking!). I anticipated reading about the process of mining and conjured up images some juicy scenario amidst that backdrop, but sadly that wasn’t there. Adding that as a scenario could have amped up the pace of the book midway. There were about handful of typos in the book. In short, tighter editing in the first part of the book could have made the story crisper and a far enticing read. The characterization utterly saved this book as it was very realistic. Jaxon is your typical good looking male species who attracts a lot of unwanted attention and is extremely poor in expressing himself. Annie on the other hand, is your typical girl who completely trusts the love of her life yet has that iota of doubt over the relationship almost always! A strong characterization couple with adequate surprises amidst mildly predictable scenarios made this book a pleasurable read.

MY SAY: A practical tale of trust, faith, love and friendship.


PLOT : 7/10



BOREDOM QUOTIENT: 4/10 (Lower the better)


AUTHOR LINKS: Website  ~   Twitter  ~    Facebook






  1. Shree, thank you so much for your honest review of Two Hearts. From your review, I can tell that you put a lot into your thoughts and comments, and I truly value your opinion. Thank you for hosting Two Hearts on your blog.

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