Saturday, July 18, 2015

#164 : The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Jain : Review


GENRE: Fiction—Mystery


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of The Book Club Tours!


The Seventh Cup is the story of Avinash and Verona, two people from immensely different background and cultures. Before you jump to conclusions, no, it's not your typical Bollywood style firangi-Indian love story! The book had a note telling that the reader would be compelled to read “The Secret” after finishing this book if they hadn't done so already. I remember picking up that book ages ago and struggling to make it past even the quarter mark of the book. All my fellow book lovers kept suggesting that I should finish reading the book for it is supposed to be one life changing book. Somehow, that never happened, or may be I never wanted it to happen (For those who have read this book, PUN INTENDED, for those who haven't, that's a sample of how this book goes). And no, I still don't want to read “The Secret”.

Avinash first meets Verona when she takes up the student exchange program in his college at Goa. Eventually he falls in love with her but only to be crushed and dejected as Verona has a boy friend already. What follows is a story of mind transportation, a domino effect of events and a couple of murders investigated by Swiss detectives.

The story line as such was filled with a lot of surprises. The writer had in fact made all the clues to solving the murder so apparent that I blindly overlooked them. There in lies the beauty of this book. The book was filled with a lot of philosophical-ish metaphysical discussion which initially were interesting but as the story line progressed, it became a bit monotonous. I felt those discussions could have been toned down a bit. There were parts of the story that we repeated. The scene as such was vital and needed to be repeated, but that could have been done in a different way. The characterization was good and just perfect in aiding the story line. The writing on the other hand has a huge scope for improvement. The writer, Nitesh, managed to portray emotions perfectly but didn't hit bull's eye with romance. I felt the whole chemistry between the husband and wife detective pair was a bit forced and artificial. The editing also lacked finesse, for there were quite a bit of grammatical errors and syntax errors. That just ruined the good mystery that the writer crafted with a lot of care. Overlooking all that, the writer surely nailed the mystery element of the story book. That prevented me from putting down the book midway.

MY SAY: Overlooking many factors, read the book just for the crux of the story line – a good puzzle, well solved!


PLOT: 9/10



BOREDOM QUOTIENT : 5/10 (Lower the better)


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