Saturday, July 18, 2015

#165 : Online Talk! In conversation with Nitesh Jain - The Seventh Cup

Thanks Nitesh for taking time to answer my questions! 
1. Congrats on the success of your book! What or who prompted you to write this book in first place?

Thank you. I was in Switzerland for my master studies during 2010-2012. It was during that period, the idea of writing a book developed. What began as a time killing exercise for weekends soon turned out to be an obsession (even during weekdays). Of course I was heavily influenced by mystery novels and Rhonda Byrne's the Secret and so the journey of writing an uncanny fusion of mystery and philosophy began.

2. The number seven! Why that particular number? /*Are you a Harry Potter fan * winks * */

Well, there is always something special about this number. There are lots of natural phenomenon that has 'seven' attached to it. For example seven colours of rainbow, seven continents in the world and so on. Even according to Hindu religion, a man has seven lives. The marriage ceremony is incomplete without seven vows. Then there is also a reference of the seventh heaven in Islam. The references are countless. As for me, I was simply tempted to add another Seven in the list :) However, the real significance of calling it The Seventh Cup, you would decipher by the end of the novel.

3. Your protagonists, Avinash and Verona, out of the two which character did you find difficult to structure and write?

I would opt for Verona. I found it quite challenging to describe a character who is mysteriously beautiful, a character who is omnipresent without being present, a character who is the cynosure of the entire novel and has the potential of keeping the readers engaged right till the last line of the last chapter.

4. The cover and the trailer, both are unconventional, sort of looks like that of a self help book which makes it all the more unique! Did you design it?
The trailer was conceptualized by me. The basic idea was to create an aura of mystery and suspense which I feel the trailer succeeds to convey. The idea of the cover page was suggested by my web page designer. We sat together and designed the number 7, trying to include as many words as possible into the body of the number that describes the basic idea of the novel. The result was quite satisfactory.

5. Any pearls of wisdom for aspiring writers? After all, this is your first book!

My advice would be simple-Keep writing and believing in yourself, the rest will follow.

Now for some rapid fire to know the person that you are
1. Tequila or Coffee?

Coffee..any day any time

2. One habit that you have been trying to get rid of but never managed to yet.

Eating Junk food :)

3. One thing the world doesn't know about you yet?

Let it remain behind the veil...for now :)

4. Given a chance to learn – Ballet dancing or Taekwondo?

Ballet dancing :)

5. Your biggest inspiration?

My Parents

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