Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#171 : Happily Ever Single by Jessica Frances : Review + Giveaway


GENRE: Fiction – Romance


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of RABT tours! Thanks guys!


A female protagonist who simply doesn't have this need to have a man in her life to feel complete or wholesome – An unusual story line isn't it? A good prompt for me to pick up the book.

Lucy is a successful business women who runs her own clothes store. She is in her late twenties and has never felt the need for a man to complete her life. Her life is just perfect according to her, but her mother believes other wise. She keeps pushing Lucy to date and sets her up with horrendous dates. Unable to put up with such blind dates, Lucy turns to an agency to get dates for all her family events. Things go smooth until she one of her arranged date falls sicks and she is forced to take the agency owner's brother in law – Oliver, as her date. Ollie is fun and bonds instantly with Lucy's family, who are convinced that he is the perfect match for her. Things get complicated leaving Lucy suffocated. The story ends on a “happily-ever-single” note.

Romance writers often stereotype women to be the nagging witch who goes on yapping at men until they commit to marriage or kids. This writer, Jessica, gave a much needed refreshing premise to the story. The protagonist Lucy emphasizes on one very important point that the society somehow fails to understand – Not every woman needs a man to complete her, she can be successful with being backed by a man romantically involved with her. This is not unheard of but is widely ignored and definitely not used in romantic novels. This writer took a big gamble by inculcating such a premise. The gamble evidently paid quite well! The characterization and the narration aided this concept in being delivered effectively. I was expecting a traumatic history for Lucy's character which eventually resulted in this state of hers. To my pleasant surprise there was no such thing which affirmed the premised of the story. Jessica brilliantly reversed the romantic notions associated to a male and female where in the male is a commitment-phobic and the female pesters for lifelong commitment.

MY SAY: A refreshing change from stereotypical romance.


PLOT: 8/10



BOREDOM QUOTIENT:2/10 (The lower the better)


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  1. Thank you so much for signing up for the review tour and for your very kind review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Happily Ever Single and I love your rating system. I appreciate you taking the time to write your review and thank you for your support!

  2. Totally enjoyed your book Jessica! It was a pleasure hosting you!