Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#160 : EXILE : Guy Erma and The son of Empire #3 by Sally Ann Melia : Review


GENRE: Fiction – YA Sci-Fi


FORMAT: Digital

SERIES / STANDALONE: Guy Erma and The son of Empire #3

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy as a part of iRead Book Tours.

Exile is the third part in The Guy Erma and The Son of Empire series. The story is a perfect continuation of its preceding book – Hunter. In this installment Prince Theodor escapes from the crutches of his captor with the help of the domeside orphan and blade champion, Guy Erma. In the process of escaping, he unearths a secret destructive weapon smuggled and embedded into the dome to create mass destruction. For those who have read the first two books, the whole plot centering the secret weapon shouldn’t be difficult to follow as the very weapon is mentioned right in the first chapter of the first book. What follows is a political thriller and battle amongst alpha males, namely Chart Segat, Price Theodor and the Emperor.

In this book, Guy Erma tries to uncover the mystery surrounding his birth. Eventually he does, but what he discovers shakes his very foundation of beliefs. Amidst all this, Guy’s relationship with Prince Theodor dilly dallies between not trusting and being dedicated. Though in the end Prince Theodor and Guy Erma forge a beautiful friendship. It was typical of me to anticipate a “tech” filled ending, but surprisingly for a scientific fiction the book ended on the most humane note possible.

The writing in this book was akin to the previous book – simple and crisp ensuring that the readers aren’t bored. The story was fast paced and laced with adequate surprises ensuring that the readers were hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the description of the Dome’s architecture and its associated tech features. All the three books had illustrations of various central characters and backgrounds, helping the readers visualize the story better. With a wee bit of tweaking of the story, this book series has an immense potential to be made into a movie.

MY SAY:  A refreshing sci-fi series! Well conceptualized and executed perfectly!


PLOT : 9/10 (Just for that brilliant ending!)



BOREDOM QUOTIENT: 2/10 (Lower the better)


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