Thursday, June 25, 2015

#146 : Some One Has Taken My Place by David Snow : Review


GENRE: Fiction – Financial Thriller


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from Publishing Push in exchange for an honest review. Thanks guys!


An insurance fraud set in Ireland based on true incidents – quite intriguing isn’t it? After reading quite a few books in the financial thriller genre, majorly by Ravi Subramaniam and Stephen W. Frey, I guess I’ve grown out and stopped reading any more books from this genre. The fact that this book is based on true events and is set in Ireland, a country that hasn’t featured centrally in any of the books I’ve read so far, made me pick it up when the folks at Publishing Push offered it to me for review.

Insurance claims investigator Andrew stone accidentally stumbles upon a series of identity thefts when he investigates to estimate pay out for a man who is injured in a motor vehicle accident. Turns out that the ‘Texan’ man as he is referred to, is a habitual offender who has stolen almost a dozen of identities primarily of babies who died in their childhood. Andrews personally chases him across continents and cities with the help of FBI, former KGB, The US Secret Service, the Irish Grada and the Interpol agents.

Financial thrillers tend to lose pace midway and get boring, or worse, turn out to be predictable. To my surprise, this book was more like a Sherlock Holmes novel where in the case is built shred by shred with not too many sudden and unpredictable events. The plot obviously is logical as it is based on real-life incident. Identity theft for insurance claim- a school of thinking that is almost non-existent in the place where I’m from. For all I know, the same thing might be happening in my own city or country. Evidently this book got me thinking.

A good story line can be ruined by mediocre writing. Thankfully, the writer surely has a way with words. The writing was crisp and abetted in keeping up the pace of the story. My only wee complaint would be the way that the book ended. Yes, they bad guy was chased and caught. But bringing in the deceased kids’ identity theft angle really didn’t make and impact on the capture of our bad guy. I felt, it would have been just the same if the stolen identities belonged to deceased adults. Of course, I do understand why the writer had to bring in that thread of story (read the book to know that.) Yet I felt it didn’t really matter in the end.

MY SAY:  A rare find!


PLOT : 9/10



BOREDOM QUOTIENT: 2/10 (Lower the better!)


BOOK LINKS: Amazon , Goodreads


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